Webinar: How Understanding Profit Streams Can Get a Team More Engaged

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Principle 8 of the Agile Manifesto speaks of Sustainable development. Sustainability starts with a strong purpose. While Dan Pink’s Autonomy and Mastery are built into Scrum, purpose is often lacking for the team. We need a way to connect the leadership vision to the team's work. To create team purpose.  Recorded live on April 27 2023 Joel Bancroft-Connors and Kim Poremski will show in this webinar how practicing better profit sustainability will connect the work of the team to the larger vision of the company, and get your employees motivated again.

Webinar: I Don’t Know My Customers … Help!

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The first step in creating a culture that embraces the need to develop customer understanding is to understand WHY it is integral to the sustainability and profitability of your business. Watch the first installment of Applied Frameworks Principal Consultant, Kim Poremski’s  webinar series “I Don’t Know My Customers … Help!”

Webinar: SPC Journey – I’m an SPC and Head of a LACE

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Recorded live the next episode in the SPC Journey Series:  I’m an SPC, and I Head a LACE with Alena Keck of Vodafone.  SPCs work in a variety of areas, both internal and external. For example, they may serve as a consultant or a coach working as an external partner or be part of the internal enterprise at some point in the journey. 

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