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    Profit Streams™ are the Evolution of Value Streams

    Create a profit engine that aligns to what your customers value most.

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    Introducing Software Profit Streams™: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business

    Too many companies do a poor job of pricing and licensing their software-enabled solutions. They need help.
    Unfortunately, they can’t find it. The old books on pricing don’t cover the incredible breadth and depth of modern software-enabled solutions. And none of the books on business models, design thinking, UX, or value streams provide direct, actionable guidance on pricing, licensing, and creating a sustainable profit. 
    Check out the book and learn to design Solution Sustainability, Economic Sustainability, and Relationship Sustainability, the key components to designing a sustainably profitable software-enabled solution.  Curious?  Download an excerpt here or buy a copy.
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    Align your business around what matters most. Profit.

    Join the virtual gathering place for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, Venture Capitalists, and Investors to share best practices in the art and science of creating sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions.  Gain access to Horizon, the AI-Powered Assistant designed to jumpstart your growth toward being a profit-focused product leader.

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    Profit Streams Partner Program

    The Profit Streams Partner Program certifies and supports trainers, coaches, and the organizations they work for, as they deliver Profit Streams classes, workshops, and professional services.

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    Profit Stream Canvas

    Identifying a profitable and sustainable software business model requires holistic thinking about a number of interrelated factors: return on investment (ROI), pricing, licensing, enforcement, value exchange, and more. How you adjust and tweak these factors defines how much profit the business can earn and the rate at which profit grows. 

    Download the canvas, discover the relationship between Economic, Relationship, and Solution sustainability, and design a sustainably profitable software-enabled solution.

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