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    Agility is the new currency in the SaaS economy...

    but there's more to the story." Read More

    Celebrating 1 Year of Software Profit Streams™

    Today, one year ago, we embarked on a remarkable journey with the release of Software Profit Streams: A Guide to Designing a... Read More

    The Value of the Value Stream & ART Identification Workshop

    In the dynamic world of Agile methodologies, continuous improvement stands as a beacon, guiding organizations toward greater... Read More

    Navigating Lean Portfolio Management in SAFe®

    Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is a core competency of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) that helps organizations navigate... Read More

    Webinar:  LPM for the Whole Business

    Taking a whole-business perspective with Lean Portfolio Management allows you to harness the collaborative power of a team... Read More

    Webinar:  Reimagining Agile

    Almost 23 years after creating the Agile Manifesto, Jim Highsmith is leading the Reimagining Agile initiative. During this... Read More

    Value Streams and Profits

    Exploring the Relationship Between the Flow of Value and the Flow of Money Value streams are the foundation of ... Read More
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    Good Bye 2023! Hello 2024!

    As 2023 comes to a close, we look back on the best parts of the past year. Here are just a few of the amazing things the... Read More

    Webinar: Prioritizing Prioritization

    For companies and organizations to survive, they need to prioritize. But to thrive, their priorities must mesh like... Read More

    Webinar: What is a Profit Stream?

    What is a Profit StreamTM and why should you care? Profit is the net income resulting from revenue minus expenses.... Read More

    Context Is King: How Agile Job Stories Can Lead To Better Product Fit

    Jobs-To-Be-Done is a powerful product strategy framework, and Jobs Stories, an evolution of the User Story, are core to... Read More

    Profit Streams for Growth Pricing

    Every software company has Profit Streams, whether they know it or not, but many do not know how to maximize their... Read More

    Ask Me Anything: Design In SAFe

    Check out the follow up to the latest episode in the Agile Expert Webinar series. Design in SAFe explored how CVS... Read More

    CVS Health - A Miracle Occurs - How We Integrated Design into SAFe

    For decades, leading companies have created dedicated design teams as equals of product and engineering teams to create... Read More

    Exploring Techniques for Aligning Vision

    In our previous Product Management Minute, we explored what a good Vision Statement looks like as well as anti-patterns... Read More