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    David McFarlane

    Operating Partner - Companyon Ventures

    "I was impressed with the comprehensive and holistic approach the Growth Pricing Workshop took. It covers an immense amount of complex material, delivered in a way that flows effortlessly between strategy and workshops, reinforcing each concept in the company’s own terms. We advise all of our portfolio companies to attend a Growth Pricing workshop."

    Andrew Phelps

    Founder, CEO - Incentive Pilot

    "I hired Applied Frameworks to help us in our next iteration of our pricing. In addition to the business value, I really enjoyed working together - a perfect balance of expertise-based thinking/healthy challenging of assumptions with humility and understanding me as a person and an entrepreneur."

    João Pinto

    President, CEO - Bloxtor

    "I was one of the start-ups that was chosen. Although I already had packaging and pricing defined, maybe if I go to this workshop I can learn something new, and so I think that this experience was very memorable, in fact, it was a very mind-blowing experience."

    Vitor Soares

    EiR - Build up labs

    "I decided to go to the workshop of Applied Frameworks because actually pricing can be a complex topic - what should be the right price to go to market. Applied Frameworks shows how to apply -well- different frameworks, if your start-up is like this, or if you have this kind of features, these are the options for a pricing strategy..."

    Russ McClelland

    Founder, CEO - SmartObjx

    "Applied Frameworks and the Profit Streams Partners helped us understand the complexity of product pricing so we could solve our own problems. They were like an extension of our team."

    Steven Madow

    Director of Product, NMI

    "Our goal is to bring consistency to our product teams.  To enable them to use shared frameworks and a common lexicon and create a uniform way of working. Right from the get-go, we were able to work with the team at Applied Frameworks to make sure that goals were super-aligned making the time we had together efficient, and productive."