We teach and coach talented people and organizations to realize their potential to create great software products and services. 

Our Mission

We are a global management consulting firm that leverages our talent and experience to advise clients to achieve their business goals. We teach, coach, and mentor individuals, teams, and organizations to apply proven frameworks that optimize product management and software development.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We tell the truth and we do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

  • Character: Our customers rely on our character, ability, strength and honesty.

  • Responsibility: We own our ability and power to create, choose and attract what we need.

  • Rooted in Agile: We and our customers have achieved our greatest success by leveraging Agile values and principles.

  • Commitment: We are committed to our customers' success.

Our Culture

  • Family First: We put our families first. We believe in operating at a sustainable pace indefinitely.

  • Community: We support important causes through pro bono and direct contribution of time and resources.

  • Teamwork: We are building a self-sustaining culture that doesn't rely on any one individual.

Our Founders

The company was originally founded as Enthiosys in 2006 by Luke Hohmann. Jason Tanner joined Enthiosys in 2008 and assumed the role of CEO in 2010. In 2013 we changed our name to Applied Frameworks, reflecting our approach to applying proven frameworks rooted in Lean-Agile principles to optimize product management and software development practices and achieve organizational change and agility.

Jason Tanner, Co-founder and CEO

Luke Hohmann, Co-founder and Advisor

Our Team

Joel Bancroft-Connors, Principal Consultant

Jeff Brantley, Principal Consultant

Carleton Nettleton, Chief Product Owner

Kert Peterson, Chief Learning Officer

Jay Pober, Principal Consultant

Kim Poremski, Principal Consultant

Kevin Rosengren, Principal Consultant

Laura Richardson, SVP of Sales