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    Lead, Adapt, and Thrive

    We help companies design, build, and grow sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions throughout the solution lifecycle.

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    When Success is Profit

    Leaders measure value as profitability and growth.  Companies struggling with profit need support from experts who know how to design and implement strategies tailored for software-enabled solutions.


    Who We Are... and How We Work

    We lead with a clear and distinct point of view, offering a fresh and innovative perspective to guide you toward success. As your trusted partners, we are committed to understanding your unique needs and objectives and working alongside you to achieve your goals.

    Our collaboration goes beyond teamwork – we actively engage with you, providing comprehensive training to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel. Our goal is that you will not only acquire expertise but also gain the confidence to navigate future challenges that may arise.

    Our commitment doesn't end there. We firmly believe in the power of mentorship and the profound impact it can have on your growth.  Together, we will unleash your full potential and empower your organization to reach new heights.

    Choose us as your partners, and let us lead, work, train, mentor, and help you succeed. Together, we will shape a future filled with endless possibilities.



    Custom Consulting Services

    We understand that every business has its own unique needs. While some organizations may find success with ready-made solutions, others require a tailored approach to thrive. We have the expertise to design a customized engagement that caters to your unique context. No matter what you need, we will create a solution that works best for you. Let's Talk

    Solution Profitability Management with Horizon

    Too many companies do a poor job in pricing and licensing their software-enabled products and services over the entire solution lifecycle, preventing them from creating sustainable businesses, wasting investors’ money, and causing needless pain for all stakeholders.

    Solution Profitability Management is the practice of designing and evolving the core elements of your business model - such as pricing, packing, and licensing - throughout the solution lifecycle for all solutions within a portfolio.

    Horizon is the official AI-powered platform that enables business leaders to implement Solution Profitability Management. 

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    Improve CARR with better pricing and packaging

    "We hired Applied Frameworks to help us redesign our pricing and packaging. The results have been amazing! CARR has increased by 35%, and new logos choosing an annual plan has increased from 20% to 65%, significantly improving cash flow and preparing us for our next phase of growth."

    Marc VisentFounder and CEO, Knowify

    Want more Profit?

    We know you do. So do we.

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