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    It's the Whole Solution that Matters.

    Applied Frameworks. Innovators. Designers. Authors. Developers. SAFe Framework Contributors. Collaborators building sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions.

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    Our Solutions

    Founded in 2003, we help companies of all sizes create more sustainably profitable software-enabled solutions.  We focus on what matters most: Profit.

    Focused and optimistic by nature, our solutions meet you where you are and help you realize your future. We offer:

    • Consulting: Our international team of Strategy, Product Management, SAFe, Scrum, and Agile Consultants have helped invent, design, deliver, and sustain B2B, B2P, and B2C solutions. 
    • Book: The Amazon Best-Selling Software Profit Streams™: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business by Jason Tanner and Luke Hohmann is the foundation of Profit Streams™ is a durable reference to your success.
    • Training: Learn from the experts how to design Profit Streams that fuel your growth using SAFe, Scrum, and our Profitable Software Academy.
    • Certifications: Validate your achievements.
    • Horizon: Leverage our AI-Powered platform to implement Solution Profitability Management.
    • Community: A virtual gathering space for business and product leaders seeking what matters most. Profit.

    Why Choose Applied Frameworks


    We wrote the book on Solution Profitability Management

    Profit is your key to survival.

    Without profit, you cannot maintain or grow your business.

    Without profit, you cannot serve your customers or provide benefits to your employees.

    Without profit, investors have no reason to invest.

    Without profit, the goals of the business are unattainable.

    In Software Profit Streams, serial entrepreneurs Jason Tanner and Luke Hohmann unveil the essential tools and processes for creating profitable software-enabled solutions that have longterm impact.

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    Solution Profitability Management with Horizon

    Too many companies do a poor job in pricing and licensing their software-enabled products and services over the entire solution lifecycle, preventing them from creating sustainable businesses, wasting investors’ money, and causing needless pain for all stakeholders.

    Solution Profitability Management is the practice of designing and evolving the core elements of your business model - such as pricing, packing, and licensing - throughout the solution lifecycle for all solutions within a portfolio.

    Horizon is the official AI-powered platform that enables business leaders to implement Solution Profitability Management. 

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    Don't Just Take Our Word for It.

    Holistic Pricing

    "I was impressed by with comprehensive and holistic approach the Growth Pricing Workshop took. It covers an immense amount of complex material, delivered in a way that flows effortlessly between strategy and workshops, reinforcing each concept in the company’s own terms. We advise all of our portfolio companies to attend a Growth Pricing workshop."

    David McFarlaneOperating Partner, Companyon Ventures

    Workshops that work for entrepreneurs

    "I hired Applied Frameworks to help us in our next iteration of our pricing. In addition to the business value, I really enjoyed working together - a perfect balance of expertise-based thinking/healthy challenging of assumptions with humility and understanding me as a person and an entrepreneur."

    Andrew PhelpsFounder and CEO, Incentive Pilot

    Improve CARR with better pricing and packaging

    "We hired Applied Frameworks to help us redesign our pricing and packaging. The results have been amazing! CARR has increased by 35%, and new logos choosing an annual plan has increased from 20% to 65%, significantly improving cash flow and preparing us for our next phase of growth."

    Marc VisentFounder and CEO, Knowify

    Want more Profit?

    We know you do. So do we.

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