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    The Value of the Value Stream & ART Identification Workshop

    In the dynamic world of Agile methodologies, continuous improvement stands as a beacon, guiding organizations toward greater... Read More

    Navigating Lean Portfolio Management in SAFe®

    Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is a core competency of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) that helps organizations navigate... Read More

    Webinar:  LPM for the Whole Business

    Taking a whole-business perspective with Lean Portfolio Management allows you to harness the collaborative power of a team... Read More

    Ask Me Anything: Design In SAFe

    Check out the follow up to the latest episode in the Agile Expert Webinar series. Design in SAFe explored how CVS... Read More

    CVS Health - A Miracle Occurs - How We Integrated Design into SAFe

    For decades, leading companies have created dedicated design teams as equals of product and engineering teams to create... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 12 - I'm an SPC and a Veteran

    Watch Applied Frameworks SAFe® Fellow and SPCT, Phil Gardiner hosted the latest installment in the SPC Journey series. SPCs... Read More

    Sustainable SAFe - What is Sustainable SAFe?

    Hear from SAFe Fellow, Phil Gardiner, in this kickoff event for a new Webinar Series about Sustainable SAFe. The tables... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 11 – I’m an SPC and I Focus on Profit

    Check out the most recent episode of the SPC Journey. I'm an SPC and I Focus on Profit hosted by Applied Frameworks SAFe Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 10 - I'm an SPC and a Mentor

    Join us for the next episode in the SPC Journey Series: I’m an SPC and a Mentor. SPCs work in a variety of areas, both... Read More

    Five Things I love about SAFe® 6.0

    On March 15, 2023, Scaled Agile,Inc. announced the next evolution of SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®). SAFe 6.0 introduces... Read More

    A Definition of Ready for PI Planning

    Ask the Right Questions to Find Your Best Definition You’re an RTE in PI Planning. As you walk around the tables or... Read More

    6 Tips for New SAFe Program Consultants

    Congratulations, you’ve taken the Implementing SAFe class, passed the certification exam, and have become a SAFe Program... Read More

    Our Top SAFe Blogs and Webinars

    The Scaled Agile Framework® offers a rich tapestry of techniques for organizations looking to expand their lean business... Read More

    Why Flexibility Is the Key to Implementing SAFe

    One of the most common misconceptions about implementing SAFe is that it is a rigid framework that must be followed closely... Read More

    Make Your Backlog Sing with SAFe Features + WSJF

    How do you keep your backlog healthy and well-prioritized, even when the items in backlog seem completely unrelated? In my... Read More