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    Webinar: Prioritizing Prioritization

    For companies and organizations to survive, they need to prioritize. But to thrive, their priorities must mesh like... Read More

    Webinar: What is a Profit Stream?

    What is a Profit StreamTM and why should you care? Profit is the net income resulting from revenue minus expenses.... Read More

    Context Is King: How Agile Job Stories Can Lead To Better Product Fit

    Jobs-To-Be-Done is a powerful product strategy framework, and Jobs Stories, an evolution of the User Story, are core to... Read More

    The Profit Implications of Your Value Exchange Model

    Do you understand your value exchange model? The economic value of a software-enabled solution is the benefits a customer... Read More

    Giving Thanks for Portfolio Management

    This Thanksgiving – Give Thanks to Portfolio Management… I have years of fond memories of Thanksgiving Dinner. As a... Read More

    Why Do Product Managers Fail to Increase Profit?

    Are you a product manager and wondering “How can I increase profit?” Well first. It’s important to ask, “What is profit?”... Read More

    The Art & Science of Explaining Product Strategy

    Ideation, discovery, research, and analysis all inform the development of product strategy. This strategy evolves... Read More

    How to Manage P&L as a Product Manager

    How to Manage P&L as a Product Manager Is it possible to manage P&L as a Product Manager? There are great reasons for ... Read More

    Why the Product Goal is NOT the Product Vision in Scrum

    To set the stage, let us begin with definitions of Product Goal and Product Vision: Product Vision: Long-term,... Read More

    The Principles of Software Profitability

    Many software companies develop pricing strategies — and, by extension, their business models — through basic cost analysis... Read More

    Getting Lean Portfolio Management to Stick

    Implementing Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) can transform an organization for the better. But the journey between deciding... Read More

    A Guide to Collaborative Product Roadmaps

    Collaborative product roadmaps are hard to build — and harder still to carry out. In fast-moving environments, product... Read More

    Product Roadmap Excel Templates

    The three Product Roadmap Excel templates provided below were created in support of How to Build Roadmaps that Work, a... Read More

    Product Management vs Marketing Responsibilities

    A Discussion Guide Download the Product Management vs Marketing discussion guide as a PDF How should product management Read More

    Advanced Pricing Strategy: A New Course

    A Course for Product Management Teams How to Make More Money with Software Software pricing is complicated — but it doesn’t... Read More