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    Product Management vs Marketing Responsibilities

    A Discussion Guide Download the Product Management vs Marketing discussion guide as a PDF How should product management Read More

    Advanced Pricing Strategy: A New Course

    A Course for Product Management Teams How to Make More Money with Software Software pricing is complicated — but it doesn’t... Read More

    What We Learned from Our Product Owner Test

    About a year ago, we created a Scrum Product Owner test as a teaching tool to provide our Certified Scrum Product Owner... Read More

    Defining Customer Value - A Deep Dive

    The meaning of “customer value” is highly variable — even experienced product owners do not agree on a precise definition.... Read More

    How to Build a Customer Journey Map

    Whether your product plan is succeeding or failing, creating a customer journey map can unlock hidden truths that will help... Read More

    Product Scorecard KPI Examples

    What do you use for a dashboard or scorecard? Do you have one slide that paints the overall product picture for your... Read More

    Top Ten Tips for New Product Owners

    Hello, new Product Owner! Whether you’ve just taken a CSPO class or recently earned a new title and the team to go with... Read More

    Product Owners vs Product Managers

    Product Owners vs Product Managers: How to Spot the Difference Product Owners vs Product Managers: what’s the difference?... Read More

    Maximizing Software Product Profitability

    While there are many great resources for understanding and documenting a business model, few give deep insight on maximizing... Read More

    The Modern Definition of Product Manager

    Ask a veteran product manager how they got into the field and how they became an expert. They’ll probably tell you it was... Read More

    How to Create Competitive Battlecards

    Competitive Battlecards are a sales enablement tool created by product managers to help the sales team close deals in the... Read More

    Supercharge Your Product Roadmap with an Opportunity Backlog

    Despite being a fixture of product management for over twenty-five years, roadmaps do not get a lot of love from product... Read More

    Is the Product Owner Part of Business or Part of IT?

    A frequent question I am asked during my ScrumMaster and Product Owner classes is, “How do I pick the Product Owner?” or... Read More

    How to Build a Product Roadmap

    How to Build a Product Roadmap Most product roadmaps are terrible. A lot of time and energy is spent creating and... Read More

    Product Playbook: Why You Need One

    A basic Certified Scrum Product Owner course gives Product Owners what they need to be effective product managers with... Read More