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    Mastering Value Exchange: Aligning Product Innovation with Market Success

    I am excited to discuss a critical element in our journey toward sustained profitability and market leadership: the... Read More

    Pricing Strategy is More than a Numbers Game

    In February of this year, I spoke to an audience of Tier 1 suppliers at the NADCA Executive Conference in Scottsdale,... Read More

    Maximizing Performance and Achieving Growth Post-COVID: A Strategy for Business Leaders

    In the wake of unprecedented supply chain disruptions and persistent inflationary pressures from the COVID-19 era, the role... Read More

    The Role of the Pricing Strategist in the Age of AI

    With AI equipped to recognize patterns swiftly, will the pricing analyst soon be replaced? Read More

    Applied Frameworks Welcomes Kevin McCabe as New Executive Consultant

    CARY, NC – May 21, 2024 – Applied Frameworks, a leader in designing profitable software-enabled solutions and advanced... Read More

    Bridging the Gap: Aligning Agile Maturity with Advanced Pricing Strategies

    In recent years, many organizations have embraced the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) to streamline operations, enhance... Read More

    Celebrating 1 Year of Software Profit Streams™

    Today, one year ago, we embarked on a remarkable journey with the release of Software Profit Streams: A Guide to Designing a... Read More

    Why Arguing About Who Owns Pricing Models is the Wrong Argument!

    One argument that often creates dysfunctional relationships between product marketing and product management is “Who... Read More

    How to Manage P&L as a Product Manager

    How to Manage P&L as a Product Manager Is it possible to manage P&L as a Product Manager? There are great reasons for ... Read More