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    June 20, 2024

    Maximizing Performance and Achieving Growth Post-COVID: A Strategy for Business Leaders

    In the wake of unprecedented supply chain disruptions and persistent inflationary pressures from the COVID-19 era, the role of Strategy Directors, Product Leaders, and Chief Commercial Officers has never been more challenging. As we navigate the evolving landscape, capitalizing on momentum while tackling new challenges is essential to sustaining growth and maintaining competitive advantage.


    Reflecting on Past Successes and Current Challenges

    In 2022, I wrote this post outlining the economic state of a pandemic-ruled world. Two years later, I continue to reflect on the current state.

    Over the past four years, our businesses have achieved remarkable price gains amidst turbulent market conditions. However, as the immediate impacts of COVID-19 recede, it is crucial to build on these achievements to secure our market position and foster long-term growth.

    The economic environment has seen inflationary spikes and interest rates reminiscent of Pre-9/11 levels. Companies have adapted by frequently adjusting pricing and modifying product offerings to align with shifting consumer behaviors. Yet, despite these efforts, many businesses find their pricing strategies to be increasingly out of sync with their evolving business models.

    Tools and Tactics for Sustainable Growth

    1. Update Your Understanding of the Value Exchange: Understand the evolving dynamics of how customers pay for value. These payment models are resistant to change (e.g., perpetual to subscription licenses) and often require infrastructure to support, yet they are ripe for modification, the design of multiple models, or the exploration of new models. Aligning your value exchange model(s) enhances customer satisfaction and retention.
    2. Simplify and Optimize with Segmented Pricing: In today's market, pricing strategies must evolve beyond static models. Embrace segmented pricing to tailor offerings more precisely to customer segments, reducing administrative burdens and minimizing the need for indiscriminate discounting. (Note: “Segmented Pricing versus Segmentation” - they are different!  Avoid internal confusion on terminology.)
    3. Enhance Long-Term Profitability: Identify and manage the engine that drives a more profitable business over time. This includes exploring avenues for upgrades and new features for the current customer base, using innovation to attract new segments, transitioning from widgets to software-enabled solutions, creating modular solutions, or using experience to reduce costs. Optimizing price levels is important; creating more value exchanges drives sustainable performance even higher.

    The Path Forward: Solution Profitability Management

    Achieving sustainable and profitable growth demands a holistic approach. Solution Profitability Management builds strategic agility and resilience.  As product leaders, we need to adapt quickly and create opportunities from market changes, external disruptions and internal triggers. We must also focus on identifying when to deviate from strategic plans and then develop clear strategy choices to capitalize on the triggers or opportunities we see. In a recent webinar, I discussed the role of the Profit Stream™ Canvas in software design. You can view the recording (or read the transcript) to learn more about taking a proactive approach to the profitability of your software-enabled solution.


    As we look ahead, seize this moment to reinforce value positions, leverage emerging trends, and drive profitable initiatives that ensure sustained growth. By embracing technological advancements, refining pricing strategies, and adopting a comprehensive approach to Solution Profitability Management, businesses can navigate post-pandemic challenges and build strategic agility.  

    Questions about how this affects your business? I'd love to talk.  Schedule a meeting with me.

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