Do you understand your value exchange model? The economic value of a software-enabled solution is the benefits a customer receives less their costs.  How a customer exchanges money for this value represents a critical design decision for product leaders with substantial, long-term implications for their underlying technical and business architectures as well as the sustainability of their solution.  This topic is often misunderstood in product management.

Are you curious how your value exchange model directly influences the profitability of your business model? Join Carlton Nettleton (SVP of Product) for the next installment of my Maximize Your Software Profits series:  Understanding Value Exchange Models was recorded on Tuesday 11/8/2022 and explored:

  • The 6 patterns describing how value can be exchanged between customers and producers of software-enabled solutions
  • The Profit Implications of Value Exchange
    • Including: Usage, Software Architecture, and In-License Agreements

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