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    Carlton Nettleton is the former SVP of Product at Applied Frameworks, and co-creator of the company's Advanced Scrum Online Academy and Profitable Software Academy. Carlton has over twenty years of industry experience working with clients to improve quality, increase productivity, build great teams, and launch new products using Agile software development practices and techniques. Today, Carlton is the President of Look Foward Consulting and focuses on mentoring and supporting Scrum and Agile practitioners who work in less-than-ideal conditions. He shares his energy and enthusiasm with learners so they can achieve their personal and professional goals. Carlton is fluent in both English and Spanish, has written a short book on Scrum, and has been Certified Scrum Trainer® since 2012.


    Revving the Profit Engine

    We all know that profitability is the key to unlocking sustainability for your software-enabled solution. And to be... Read More

    How to Read a Software License Agreement

    Every software-enabled solution has a license agreement, but when was the last time you actually read one? Do you know... Read More

    The Profit Implications of Your Value Exchange Model

    Do you understand your value exchange model? The economic value of a software-enabled solution is the benefits a customer... Read More

    Understanding Value Exchange Models

    Do you understand your value exchange model? The economic value of a software-enabled solution is the benefits a... Read More

    Putting the Profit Back into Value

    Value is difficult to quantify… and because value is hard to quantify, Product Managers and Product Owners use vague... Read More

    Creating Your Own Definition of Done

    In a previous article, we talked about what is a Definition of Done (DoD) and common misunderstandings related to Acceptance... Read More

    Definition of Done vs Acceptance Criteria: A Deep Dive

    Nothing causes more confusion in Certified ScrumMaster or Certified Scrum Product Owner courses than the topic of the... Read More

    Choosing an Online Certified Scrum Master Class

    Since most training is done online these days, there seem to be limitless options in Online Certified Scrum Master classes.... Read More

    Examples of Scrum Case Studies

    [Updated February 2024] Successful Scrum Implementations across various Industries In my Scrum training courses, students... Read More

    Five Steps to Creating a Sprint Goal

    In my experience with Scrum teams, a well-articulated Sprint Goal means the difference between a loose collection of... Read More

    Why the Product Goal is NOT the Product Vision in Scrum

    To set the stage, let us begin with definitions of Product Goal and Product Vision: Product Vision: Long-term,... Read More

    A Guide to Collaborative Product Roadmaps

    Collaborative product roadmaps are hard to build — and harder still to carry out. In fast-moving environments, product... Read More

    Why We Created a Certified Product Owner Exam

    Note: If you’d like to skip the explanation and go straight to the Certified Product Owner exam, please click here. In a... Read More

    Preparing for the CSM Exam

    Taking the Certified ScrumMaster® exam (also called the CSM exam) is an important milestone for many Scrum practitioners.... Read More

    How to Improve Your Test-Driven Development

    Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a fundamental programming skill in short supply today. TDD is a powerful design technique... Read More