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    Profit Stream™ Snapshot Assessment

    Gain clear insight into your existing Profit Stream Design using the Profit Stream Canvas.

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    What is a Profit Stream Snapshot Assessment?

    Identifying the intricacies of your current Profit Stream Design isn't merely a step -  it is a critical foundation that informs and shapes the strategic direction of your business. By delving deep into the existing structure, you gain invaluable insights into how your products or services are positioned in the market, how they're perceived by your target audience, and, importantly, how they contribute to your overall profitability. Your Profit Stream Snapshot sets the stage for making informed, data-driven decisions regarding pricing strategies, packaging options, and licensing models.

    Ready to better understand the current state of your pricing, packaging, and licensing?

    Why a Snapshot is Essential for your Business?

    How does a Snapshot Assessment work?

    While every engagement is tailored to your specific needs, a Snapshot Assessment will include the following deliverables:

    • A visualization of the existing system to clarify previous pricing, packaging, and licensing choices
    • A report identifying gaps in the existing system which might include:
      • Lack of customer ROI model
      • Pricing not aligned with the value of customer benefits
      • Misalignment of solution and customer licenses
    • An overview of opportunities  and recommendations for change and improvement, which might include:
      • Quantifying the value of intangible benefits
      • Adjusting pricing
      • Improving pricing policies
      • Creating new offerings for a new segment
      • Identifying potential profit engines
    Where can I learn more?

    Profit Stream Design is introduced and detailed in Software Profit Streams: A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business the Amazon Bestselling book by Jason Tanner & Luke Hohmann.  Learn more about the book, the Profit Stream Canvas, and how you can increase profit at any stage of the solution lifecycle through Solution Profitability Management.

    Profit Stream Design

    Learn more about Profit Stream Design, Tangible and Intangible Benefits, and how this model can help you quantify the value of your software-enabled solution.

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