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    SPC Journey: Episode 1 - I'm an SPC! Now what?

    Are you a new SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)? Have you completed the Implementing SAFe® course, earned the SPC... Read More

    Burndown Charts: 7 Tips for Effective Use

    Burndown charts can communicate a team’s Sprint progress quickly and clearly. However, they aren’t easy to create — or use —... Read More

    Get Quality Feedback During the Sprint Review: Ask the Right Questions

    Sprint Reviews are a crucial part of Scrum. They allow team members to inspect and adapt their work to meet customer... Read More

    Using Customer Segmentation and Term Renewal to Increase Profit

    In the first post in our Recession-Proofing Your Profit series, I shared the basic structure of Term Renewal Acceleration,... Read More

    Accelerate Renewals to Prepare for Economic Headwinds

    Use Term Renewal Acceleration to create sustainable profits. Current economic indicators are unfavorable due to a... Read More

    The Art & Science of Explaining Product Strategy

    Ideation, discovery, research, and analysis all inform the development of product strategy. This strategy evolves... Read More

    How I Used the Personal Retrospective to Become a Better Scrum Trainer

    I often tell students, “If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one part of Agile, I would take the... Read More

    An Awesome Value Stream Mapping Byproduct: Alignment

    Have you ever felt like you were throwing work over a wall and wishin’, and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ to get a... Read More

    Customer-Centric SAFe®

    Customer satisfaction is supposed to be the highest priority in Agile software development. In the reality of many... Read More

    How to Improve the Five Whys Technique

    Five Whys is an iterative question-asking technique used for problem solving. The goal of the technique is to find the root... Read More

    6 Tips for New SAFe Program Consultants

    Congratulations, you’ve taken the Implementing SAFe class, passed the certification exam, and have become a SAFe Program... Read More

    User Story Hierarchy in Agile

    This article has been revised in February 2024 to include the SAFe Backlog Hierarchy. See updated Article Here. This... Read More

    User Story Hierarchy in Scrum and SAFe

    This article is derived from the 2022 blog post "User Story Hierarchy in Agile" by Joel Bancroft-Connors. It has been... Read More

    Defining Value in Agile

    In an Agile context, defining value isn’t necessarily about calculating return on investment or measuring profit margins.... Read More

    The Secrets of Effective Sprint Planning

    Do your Sprints appear to be successful but somehow the end result isn’t what you expected? The problem may be Sprint... Read More