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    Roadmaps to Profit: Making Money with the Now-Next-Later Strategy

    Have you ever thought about how your product roadmap can become your secret money-making tool? Janna Bastow, a savvy... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 12 - I'm an SPC and a Veteran

    Watch Applied Frameworks SAFe® Fellow and SPCT, Phil Gardiner hosted the latest installment in the SPC Journey series. SPCs... Read More

    The Power of a Vision for Building a Profitable Software Solution

    Product Management is a team sport and the complexity of the team and interactions required to shepherd a sustainably... Read More

    Sustainable SAFe - What is Sustainable SAFe?

    Hear from SAFe Fellow, Phil Gardiner, in this kickoff event for a new Webinar Series about Sustainable SAFe. The tables... Read More

    How Can I Leverage the Solution Lifecycle?

    Product Managers guiding the creation of software-enabled solutions need to be aware of the Solution Lifecycle, a model... Read More

    How to Leverage Innovation Games to Gather Customer Insights

    I Don’t Know My Customers … Help! Part 4 In our last webinar, we highlighted various tools and techniques, including several... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 11 – I’m an SPC and I Focus on Profit

    Check out the most recent episode of the SPC Journey. I'm an SPC and I Focus on Profit hosted by Applied Frameworks SAFe Read More

    Why Does the Industry Lifecycle Matter?

    Product Managers guiding the creation of software enabled solutions need to be aware of the Industry Lifecycle which... Read More

    Why Arguing About Who Owns Pricing Models is the Wrong Argument!

    One argument that often creates dysfunctional relationships between product marketing and product management is “Who... Read More

    Change How Customers Perceive Your Software Enabled Solution to Create More Profit

    In our last webinar, Laura Caldie talked with the instructors of the Profitable Software Academy Jason Tanner, and... Read More

    Challenges and Tips for Quantifying Value for Software Enabled Solutions

    Product Managers tell us that quantifying value for Software Enabled Solutions can be really tricky. However, understanding... Read More

    I Don’t Know Which Tools and Techniques to Use to Gather Customer Insights…HELP!

    Recorded live, watch Kim Poremski for part 3 of her series I Don’t Know My Customers…Help! In the last webinar, I Don’t Know... Read More

    Agile Estimation and Capacity Planning

    “When will we be done?” is the business equivalent of “Are we there yet?” And unlike “Are we there yet?” it is a much harder... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 10 - I'm an SPC and a Mentor

    Join us for the next episode in the SPC Journey Series: I’m an SPC and a Mentor. SPCs work in a variety of areas, both... Read More

    Starting and Ending Sprints Successfully with Remote Teams

    In this fourth episode of the Agile Experts webinar series, you’ll learn how to start and end Sprints successfully with... Read More