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    January 26, 2024

    Value Streams and Profits

    Exploring the Relationship Between the Flow of Value and the Flow of Money

    Value streams are the foundation of Lean-Agile methods. Mapping value streams enables us to focus on our customers, streamline our operations, and identify critical improvement initiatives.

    And while all of this is vitally important, we find ourselves wondering... is this enough?

    If value streams create a flow of value to customers, shouldn't they also create a flow of money to the business that results in a sustainable profit?

    In this webinar, Steve Pereira and Katherine Chajika will join me in a vigorous discussion on the relationship between the flow of value, the cost of providing that value, the flow of money, and profits.

    📆 Date: February 21, 2024 | 🕒 Time: 12:00PM ET | 📌 Register Now: Online

    Don’t forget to bring your questions! Live Q&A is expected and encouraged.

    About Steve Pereira

    Steve Pereira is a consultant focused on engineering flow across organizations. For 25 years his focus has been removing obstacles and improving collaboration performance with digital product leaders. He’s a co-founder of the Flow Collective, board advisor for the Value Stream Management Consortium and the chair of the Value Stream Management Interoperability technical committee under OASIS. He has an infectious smile that reveals his joyful nature as he serves the agile community. 

    About Kate Chajka

    Katharine (Kate) Chajka has over 20 years of experience helping teams and organizations leverage modern lean and agile practices to improve business outcomes, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. Kate has taught and coached thousands of people worldwide, at all levels of large and small organizations, on how to pragmatically apply improvements, reduce frustration and delays, and quickly see measurable improvements to both rate of delivery and improved business results.

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    Luke Hohmann

    Luke has been involved with Applied Frameworks since its founding in 2003. He later went on to start Conteneo, a collaboration software company which was acquired by Scaled Agile in 2019. While at Scaled Agile, Luke served as a SAFe® Framework Contributor and Principal Consultant, with significant contributions to the SAFe Agile Product Delivery (APD) and Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) competencies and the SAFe POPM, APM, and LPM courses. He is an author and cited as an inventor on more than a dozen patents. His books include Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play (2006), Beyond Software Architecture (2003), Journey of the Software Professional (1996), and the upcoming Software Profit StreamsTM (2023) co-written with Applied Frameworks CEO Jason Tanner.