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    September 5, 2023

    Exploring Techniques for Aligning Vision

    In our previous Product Management Minute, we explored what a good Vision Statement looks like as well as anti-patterns to be avoided.  In the short episode, we will dig deeper into techniques and frameworks that help product managers gain alignment so that the shared Vision accelerates the development of a more successful and profitable solution.

    Watch if you want to:

    • Learn more about the 2 most common frameworks for generating and aligning around a Vision
    • Examine examples of these frameworks in action
    • Gain insights from Jason and Carlton as they discuss pitfalls and strategies to get the most value out of well-crafted Vision Statements

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    About the Series

    Everyone can find 15 minutes a week to learn something valuable.  This series, the Product Management Minute, gives Jason Tanner and Carlton Nettleton the opportunity to talk about essential topics for Product Managers who guide the development of software enabled solutions. The topics and ideas they discuss come directly from questions and feedback we hear from students and graduates of the Profitable Software Academy, an Applied Frameworks program supporting the professional development of product managers at all career levels.

    About Jason Tanner

    Jason is the CEO of Applied Frameworks, author of Software Profit Streams™ A Guide to Designing a Sustainably Profitable Business, and an instructor in the Profitable Software Academy, delivering timely, high-impact support for our largest clients who have hundreds of members of the academy learning the latest approaches to building profitable solutions.

    About Carlton Nettleton

    Carlton is the SVP of Product at Applied Frameworks and a Certified Scrum Trainer recognized for designing engaging courses for professionals building amazing Software Enabled Solutions across multiple industries. As an instructor in the Profitable Software Academy, he has a front row seat in helping participants tackle all the tricky but energizing problems product managers face as they guide the development of the solutions they manage.