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    A collection of articles, blogs, webinars, and resources. Get insights, advice, and tools created by experts in Product Management, Agile, SAFe, and Profit.

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    Exploring Techniques for Aligning Vision

    In our previous Product Management Minute, we explored what a good Vision Statement looks like as well as anti-patterns... Read More

    The Power of a Vision for Building a Profitable Software Solution

    Product Management is a team sport and the complexity of the team and interactions required to shepherd a sustainably... Read More

    How Can I Leverage the Solution Lifecycle?

    Product Managers guiding the creation of software-enabled solutions need to be aware of the Solution Lifecycle, a model... Read More

    Why Does the Industry Lifecycle Matter?

    Product Managers guiding the creation of software enabled solutions need to be aware of the Industry Lifecycle which... Read More

    Change How Customers Perceive Your Software Enabled Solution to Create More Profit

    In our last webinar, Laura Caldie talked with the instructors of the Profitable Software Academy Jason Tanner, and... Read More

    Challenges and Tips for Quantifying Value for Software Enabled Solutions

    Product Managers tell us that quantifying value for Software Enabled Solutions can be really tricky. However, understanding... Read More

    Sustainable Profitability is a Team Sport

    Are you a sales professional looking for ways to help your team increase profit? The path to sustainable profitability... Read More

    Mentoring is a Scrum Master Super Power

    Scrum Masters are core to creating an environment to help teams be as effective as possible. They are responsible for... Read More

    Webinar: Improve Scrum with Kanban

    If your Sprints are getting bogged down or missing the mark, you can improve your Scrum with Kanban techniques they don’t... Read More

    Remote Scrum: New Tools for Better Meetings

    We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how to facilitate online meetings for improved team productivity —... Read More

    Training Based on Practice, Not Theory

    At Applied Frameworks, we have come to believe that most organizations need a small number of living documents to manage... Read More