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    Jason joined Applied Frameworks in 2008. As CEO, he leads the company’s growth and consulting practice and teaches several of Applied Frameworks’ training programs as a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer. Jason has led Agile transformations at several Fortune 500 companies, including MassMutual, Capital One, and CoStar Group. He also regularly leads engagements focused on product and portfolio management. Jason writes frequently on advanced product management and consulting topics for the company blog. Jason co-created the Scrum Alliance advanced learning programs designed for the professional development of thousands of Scrum Masters and Product Owners. He went on to co-design the world’s first online, on-demand, self-paced programs for advanced Scrum education. Jason is frequently invited to speak at conferences, on webinars, and on podcasts, including for the Scrum Alliance, Product Management Today, Agile Heroes Summit, several Agile Alliance events, and local practice communities.


    Agility is the new currency in the SaaS economy...

    but there's more to the story." Read More

    Webinar: Prioritizing Prioritization

    For companies and organizations to survive, they need to prioritize. But to thrive, their priorities must mesh like... Read More

    Webinar: What is a Profit Stream?

    What is a Profit StreamTM and why should you care? Profit is the net income resulting from revenue minus expenses.... Read More

    Context Is King: How Agile Job Stories Can Lead To Better Product Fit

    Jobs-To-Be-Done is a powerful product strategy framework, and Jobs Stories, an evolution of the User Story, are core to... Read More

    Roadmaps to Profit: Making Money with the Now-Next-Later Strategy

    Have you ever thought about how your product roadmap can become your secret money-making tool? Janna Bastow, a savvy... Read More

    Starting and Ending Sprints Successfully with Remote Teams

    In this fourth episode of the Agile Experts webinar series, you’ll learn how to start and end Sprints successfully with... Read More

    Understanding Software Pricing Structure

    Creating a pricing structure provides a consistent and planned approach to pricing your software-enabled solution that... Read More

    The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Strategies

    Pricing software is hard. If your price is too high, you may alienate your target market, but if you charge too... Read More

    Recession-Proof Your Software Business Model

    Learn Strategies You Can Implement NOW to Increase Revenue During Economic Uncertainty and Recession-Proof your profit. Read More

    Using Customer Segmentation and Term Renewal to Increase Profit

    In the first post in our Recession-Proofing Your Profit series, I shared the basic structure of Term Renewal Acceleration,... Read More

    Accelerate Renewals to Prepare for Economic Headwinds

    Use Term Renewal Acceleration to create sustainable profits. Current economic indicators are unfavorable due to a... Read More

    The Art & Science of Explaining Product Strategy

    Ideation, discovery, research, and analysis all inform the development of product strategy. This strategy evolves... Read More

    The Principles of Software Profitability

    Many software companies develop pricing strategies — and, by extension, their business models — through basic cost analysis... Read More

    Product Roadmap Excel Templates

    The three Product Roadmap Excel templates provided below were created in support of How to Build Roadmaps that Work, a... Read More

    Product Management vs Marketing Responsibilities

    A Discussion Guide Download the Product Management vs Marketing discussion guide as a PDF How should product management Read More