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    Successful Scrum in the new age of remote working teams

    Corporate America vs. Work From Home At the beginning of summer, Fred Lambert, writing for electrek, broke the story... Read More

    Get Quality Feedback During the Sprint Review: Ask the Right Questions

    Sprint Reviews are a crucial part of Scrum. They allow team members to inspect and adapt their work to meet customer... Read More

    6 Tips for New SAFe Program Consultants

    Congratulations, you’ve taken the Implementing SAFe class, passed the certification exam, and have become a SAFe Program... Read More

    How to Manage P&L as a Product Manager

    How to Manage P&L as a Product Manager Is it possible to manage P&L as a Product Manager? There are great reasons for ... Read More

    Make Your Backlog Sing with SAFe Features + WSJF

    How do you keep your backlog healthy and well-prioritized, even when the items in backlog seem completely unrelated? In my... Read More

    Six Thinking Hats for Large Scale Retrospectives

    Here is a fun technique to help you facilitate large scale retrospectives based on de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats for product... Read More

    Transformation Success Stories Start with Trust

    Leading a transformation is a lot like making a sales pitch. We are asking our colleagues to invest their mental cash with... Read More

    Product Scorecard KPI Examples

    What do you use for a dashboard or scorecard? Do you have one slide that paints the overall product picture for your... Read More

    Top Ten Tips for New Product Owners

    Hello, new Product Owner! Whether you’ve just taken a CSPO class or recently earned a new title and the team to go with... Read More

    How Kanban Is Built for Speed

    Decades ago, the need for speed prompted Canon, Honda, and Fuji Xerox to embrace a product development approach that later... Read More

    Frameworks for Agile Transformation

    Nearly two decades after the Agile Manifesto was first published, many organizations continue to rely on Waterfall software... Read More

    Frameworks for Agile Release Planning

    Agile release planning requires more than dates on a calendar. You need a strong Product Backlog as well as a shared Product... Read More

    Webinar: Metrics for Scaling Agile

    Agile teams and leaders need methods to measure progress and to reveal areas for improvement. Measure the right things and... Read More

    How to Make Your Sprint Demo Awesome

    Many of our clients initially believe that the Sprint Review and Sprint Demo synonymous. In fact, they are not. There are... Read More

    How to Run an Effective Sprint Review

    When working with new Scrum Teams, I will ask about the quality and frequency of their Sprint Reviews. Often, I hear, “You... Read More