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Every software-enabled solution has a license agreement, but when was the last time you actually read one?  Do you know what’s in the fine print of software license agreements? Are you aware of the potential consequences when using digital products and services without fully understanding their terms?   

License agreements define the rights and responsibilities of each party – the user and the supplier.  This webinar will help you navigate a license agreement, identify common pitfalls to avoid and give ideas on how to structure a license agreement that is clear to everyone. 

During this 45-minute interactive webinar Applied Frameworks’ SVP of Product Carlton Nettleton and SVP of Sales and Marketing Laura Caldie will deep dive into the topic and explore:

  • What exactly is a Software License Agreement?
  • What to Look Out for When Reading a Software License Agreement
  • Common Misconceptions About Software Licenses and How to Avoid Them
  • Understanding the Rights, Limitations, and Obligations of Software Licenses
  • The Benefits of Knowing Your Way Around a Software License Agreement


About the Maximize Your Software Profit series:

The Maximize Your Software Profit series is hosted by SVP of Product, Carlton Nettleton and is designed to introduce the idea of Profit StreamsTM

Profit is the net income resulting from revenue minus expenses. Profit is essential because, without profit, a business is unsustainable. The problem is that while there is lots of guidance on how to price regular goods and services, there is little guidance on how to design profitable software-enabled solutions – until now. This series will introduce you to Software Profit Streams™, the natural – and necessary – evolution of value streams.

Episodes include:

What is a Profit Stream? with Luke Hohmann, CINO

Understanding Value Exchange Models 

Quantifying Value 

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