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    Frameworks for Agile Leadership

    Leadership Support Is Not Enough: You Need a Plan In our experience, the number one cause of failure for any Agile adoption... Read More

    Frameworks for Agile Release Planning

    Agile release planning requires more than dates on a calendar. You need a strong Product Backlog as well as a shared Product... Read More

    Webinar: Metrics for Scaling Agile

    Agile teams and leaders need methods to measure progress and to reveal areas for improvement. Measure the right things and... Read More

    Agile Metrics: 5 Principles for Responsible Use

    A team that I coached received this mandate: “The CTO’s measure of success is that all teams increase velocity by at least... Read More

    How to Make Your Sprint Demo Awesome

    Many of our clients initially believe that the Sprint Review and Sprint Demo synonymous. In fact, they are not. There are... Read More

    Four Helpful Hints to Avoid Agile Adoption Stall-Out

    How do you run an Agile team when the surrounding environment is decidedly non-Agile? What do you do when the rest of the... Read More

    Tips for Communicating About Your Agile Transformation

    “Too many coaches relegate themselves to the kid’s table and are really ineffective at making big, organizational-level... Read More

    The Roman Voting Technique for Agile Teams

    This is one of my all-time favorite techniques to quickly arrive at consensus for Agile Teams. I use Roman Voting ALL the... Read More

    Simple Coaching Techniques for the Agile Coach

    Coaching is a distinct and powerful skill from the eight other essential skills of an Agile Coach (CSP-SM). Because coaching... Read More

    The Eight Hats of an Agile Coach

    Back in 2012, I worked with a colleague to develop a new course for ScrumMasters (and other Agile change agents). Our goal... Read More

    Complete Your Agile Coaching Journey in a Group

    In the 1996, I attended the Amphibious Warfare School with about 300 other Marine officers to complete a one-year program to... Read More

    Defining the Agile Mindset

    Ever wonder why some Agile practitioners regularly butt heads with more traditionally minded managers? Have you ever spent... Read More

    Updates to the Agile Manifesto

    While the ideas written in the Agile Manifesto have been inspiring and durable, the actual uptake and introduction of these... Read More

    Six Factors Which Make an Organization Agile

    “Are we doing Scrum right?”“Is SAFe the best Agile framework for us?”“Are we Agile [enough] yet?” Common questions from... Read More

    Positioning Your Product in the Market

    In marketing, positioning is the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target... Read More