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    As leader of Applied Frameworks’ SAFe Practice, Phil is responsible for large-scale transformations and guiding change agents as they learn to apply the Scaled Agile Framework. Phil has served as a leader, coach, and consultant at some of the world’s largest companies as well as government organizations such as the US Department of Defense. Prior to becoming a consultant in 2015, Phil spent sixteen years at AT&T as a leader and internal change agent, working to bring products and services to market faster through the use of technology and Lean-Agile methodologies. Phil is a SAFe Fellow, and a Certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainer® (SPCT), one of less than 100 people who hold this certification globally. He is an active collaborator within the Scaled Agile Community and is cited as a subject matter expert in a variety of topics including Lean Portfolio Management and Agile Product Management. In addition to his SAFe expertise, Phil is an agile coach with experience in a variety of other Lean-Agile methodologies and approaches.


    SPC Journey: Episode 12 - I'm an SPC and a Veteran

    Watch Applied Frameworks SAFe® Fellow and SPCT, Phil Gardiner hosted the latest installment in the SPC Journey series. SPCs... Read More

    Sustainable SAFe - What is Sustainable SAFe?

    Hear from SAFe Fellow, Phil Gardiner, in this kickoff event for a new Webinar Series about Sustainable SAFe. The tables... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 11 – I’m an SPC and I Focus on Profit

    Check out the most recent episode of the SPC Journey. I'm an SPC and I Focus on Profit hosted by Applied Frameworks SAFe Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 10 - I'm an SPC and a Mentor

    Join us for the next episode in the SPC Journey Series: I’m an SPC and a Mentor. SPCs work in a variety of areas, both... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 9 - I'm an SPC and an RTE

    Finding an awesome Release Train Engineer (RTE) can be as difficult as finding a mythical creature. This individual is,... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 8 - I'm an SPC and We Built a Community

    Recorded live on Thursday, May 4, 2023, Applied Frameworks SAFe Practice Lead and SPCT Phil Gardiner will host the latest... Read More

    Five Things I love about SAFe® 6.0

    On March 15, 2023, Scaled Agile,Inc. announced the next evolution of SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®). SAFe 6.0 introduces... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 7 - I'm an SPC and Head of a LACE

    Here at Applied Frameworks, we believe that at some point, all enterprises that want to drive sustainable change using... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 6 - I'm an SPC and I Lead a Transformation

    As an SPC, you learned about SAFe, the values and principles that power it, as well as how to implement the framework.... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 5 - I'm an SPC and a Trainer

    You’ve taken one or more SAFe classes and now it is your turn to teach. Most SPCs will need to educate people and... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 4 - I'm an SPC and a Consultant

    As an SPC, you might see yourself as a trainer, as a coach, as a mentor, or as a facilitator. However, the “C” in “SPC”... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 3 - I'm an SPC and I am a Coach!

    Coaching enrolls people in their own change. It takes the need and desire for transformation and turns it into commitment... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 2 - From Theory to Practice

    A critical point in the SPC Journey is when you put your knowledge into practice for the first time – there can be... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 1 - I'm an SPC! Now what?

    Are you a new SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)? Have you completed the Implementing SAFe® course, earned the SPC... Read More

    Customer-Centric SAFe®

    Customer satisfaction is supposed to be the highest priority in Agile software development. In the reality of many... Read More