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    As Principal Consultant, Kim puts her decades of IT leadership experience to use for our clients at all phases of their Agile adoption. She has recently worked as a mentor and trainer in engagements with USAA, Thomson Reuters, benefitexpress, and Tyler Technologies. Prior to joining Applied Frameworks, Kim developed her skills as an Agile coach and team leader at BenefitFocus, Capital One, ING, and T. Rowe Price. Kim is a Certified Scrum Trainer and holds a Master’s Degree in Advanced Information Technology and Bachelor’s in Business Information Systems from Stevenson University. A frequent speaker at regional and national Agile events, Kim is also a Certified Scrum Trainer, a Certified Scrum Professional and holds certifications in SAFe® Program Consulting as well as Scrum@Scale.


    How to Leverage Innovation Games to Gather Customer Insights

    I Don’t Know My Customers … Help! Part 4 In our last webinar, we highlighted various tools and techniques, including several... Read More

    I Don’t Know Which Tools and Techniques to Use to Gather Customer Insights…HELP!

    Recorded live, watch Kim Poremski for part 3 of her series I Don’t Know My Customers…Help! In the last webinar, I Don’t Know... Read More

    I Don’t Know Which Customers to Talk to or When…Help!

    Many companies have known customers that they wish to engage, particularly for established or mature products, but early in... Read More

    I Don't Know My Customers ... Help!

    The first step in creating a culture that embraces the need to develop customer understanding is to understand WHY it is... Read More

    What Lies Beneath: Symptoms of Ineffective Scrum Practices

    I am a fan of Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer, but I am NOT a fan of scary movies. In 2000, the pair starred in a film... Read More

    Vertical Story Slicing Takes the Cake!

    A common challenge Scrum teams face is how to create and structure stories such that they deliver customer value... Read More

    User Stories: Making the Vertical Slice

    One of the challenges I continually observe Scrum teams struggle with in their Agile adoption is the concept of vertical... Read More

    Three Strategies for Alleviating Pandemic Burnout in Agile Teams

    Pandemic burnout is real. The impact of an always-on remote work-life is taking its toll — especially on mothers. This essay... Read More

    Solving the 7 Wastes of Development with Cross Functional Teams

    Eliminating waste, a core concept in lean software development, has been written about extensively. Less has been written... Read More

    Agile Interview Questions for Hiring Managers and Candidates

    How Agile are you? Whether you’re a job seeker or a hiring manager, these Agile interview questions will give you a clear... Read More

    Frameworks for Evolving from Business Analyst to Product Owner

    Agile transformation often requires the transition of people in the role of Business Analyst to Product Owner. This piece... Read More

    Frameworks for Effective Virtual Meetings

    Running a productive meeting can be challenging even for a seasoned facilitator. Now, with the added challenge of a fully... Read More

    Covid-19: An Agile Case Study

    I have been reflecting a lot in recent weeks as I try to make sense of what is going on in the world, what people are... Read More

    Webinar: Remote PI Planning Preparation - Part 1 - Product Owner Edition

    Fully remote SAFe PI Planning takes careful preparation. Learn from Laura Richardson, Kim Poremski and Kevin Rosengren about... Read More

    Adapting Scrum: Know Your Limits

    My students often ask the question, “What can I change in Scrum?” I believe students ask about adapting Scrum because their... Read More