What do you use for a dashboard or scorecard? Do you have one slide that paints the overall product picture for your executive team?

You can use our Planning Canvas tool as a product scorecard. Put one or two key elements in each area to show the status of your product.

On the left side, you would state your business goals and market focus; these would likely come from your business canvas or business plan. In the right-most column you’ll want to show your business results and market position, probably updated annually. You could update the business results more often since that number is probably available internally.

In the middle, what operational KPI’s would you show to track the health of the product, promotion, sales, and operations? These are likely very different from one business to another. Here are some ideas.

  • Product: the number of outstanding defects; the number of stories completed for the upcoming release; scheduled date of next potentially shippable increment.

  • Promotion: numbers or names of campaigns planned for the next 90 days; number of leads turned over to sales.

  • Sales: percentages of wins and losses; number of deals or potential revenue in the 90-day pipeline.

  • Operations. Number of users supported; percentage of uptime; number of outstanding trouble tickets.

What’s on your product scorecard? Add a comment below to share your ideas.

Download the Applied Frameworks Product Scorecard (in PowerPoint format).