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    As leader of Applied Frameworks’ SAFe Practice, Phil is responsible for large-scale transformations and guiding change agents as they learn to apply the Scaled Agile Framework. Phil has served as a leader, coach, and consultant at some of the world’s largest companies as well as government organizations such as the US Department of Defense. Prior to becoming a consultant in 2015, Phil spent sixteen years at AT&T as a leader and internal change agent, working to bring products and services to market faster through the use of technology and Lean-Agile methodologies. Phil is a SAFe Fellow, and a Certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainer® (SPCT), one of less than 100 people who hold this certification globally. He is an active collaborator within the Scaled Agile Community and is cited as a subject matter expert in a variety of topics including Lean Portfolio Management and Agile Product Management. In addition to his SAFe expertise, Phil is an agile coach with experience in a variety of other Lean-Agile methodologies and approaches.


    SPC Journey: Episode 2 - From Theory to Practice

    A critical point in the SPC Journey is when you put your knowledge into practice for the first time – there can be... Read More

    SPC Journey: Episode 1 - I'm an SPC! Now what?

    Are you a new SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)? Have you completed the Implementing SAFe® course, earned the SPC... Read More

    Customer-Centric SAFe®

    Customer satisfaction is supposed to be the highest priority in Agile software development. In the reality of many... Read More

    Value Stream Mapping

    Value Stream Mapping is one of the most essential — but least well understood — Lean management techniques. Whether you are... Read More

    Mythbusting SAFe Webinar

    The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), hailed by many as the best approach to achieving success with Lean-Agile at scale,... Read More

    The Key to Sustainable Success with SAFe®

    As a consultant specializing in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), I’m often asked for the secret to success with... Read More

    Our Top SAFe Blogs and Webinars

    The Scaled Agile Framework® offers a rich tapestry of techniques for organizations looking to expand their lean business... Read More

    Getting Lean Portfolio Management to Stick

    Implementing Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) can transform an organization for the better. But the journey between deciding... Read More

    ROAM Board Pitfalls and Best Practices

    A properly used ROAM Board (Resolved – Owned – Accepted – Mitigated) can perform a vital role in PI Planning by identifying... Read More

    Implementing Lean Portfolio Management

    2024 Update: Continue your journey. Join us for Scaled Agile hosted upcoming webinar: LPM for the Whole Business In this... Read More

    SAFe Implementation: 4 Tips for Getting Started

    So you’ve decided to implement SAFe®. Now what? A SAFe implementation can be daunting. I recently had a stakeholder ask me... Read More