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    Agile Estimation and Capacity Planning

    “When will we be done?” is the business equivalent of “Are we there yet?” And unlike “Are we there yet?” it is a much harder... Read More

    Agile Metrics

    When looking at the transparency of Agile and the granularity of team-based metrics, it is extremely important to be... Read More

    How Understanding Profit Streams Can Get a Team More Engaged

    My Scrum Team Doesn’t Give a ____, what should I do? How Understanding Profit StreamsTMCan Get a Team More Engaged ... Read More

    Agile Metrics - What Actually Matters?

    There is no silver bullet for measuring Agile performance. If you only count one metric, it is easy to get tunnel... Read More

    Measuring Yourself as an Agile Coach

    What makes someone a REAL Agile Coach? Some people think that spending some money and a few days in a workshop does... Read More

    Interacting with Scrum Teams - A Stakeholders View

    Are you in Marketing, Sales, or Finance, and your IT organization has used the words “Agile,” “Lean,” “Value Stream,”... Read More

    Expert Tips: Facilitating Large In-person Events

    “If I don’t practice for a day, I know it. If I don’t practice for two days, the critics know…” – Louis Armstrong ... Read More

    Burndown Charts: 7 Tips for Effective Use

    Burndown charts can communicate a team’s Sprint progress quickly and clearly. However, they aren’t easy to create — or use —... Read More

    How I Used the Personal Retrospective to Become a Better Scrum Trainer

    I often tell students, “If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one part of Agile, I would take the... Read More

    How to Improve the Five Whys Technique

    Five Whys is an iterative question-asking technique used for problem solving. The goal of the technique is to find the root... Read More

    User Story Hierarchy in Agile

    This article has been revised in February 2024 to include the SAFe Backlog Hierarchy. See updated Article Here. This... Read More

    Defining Value in Agile

    In an Agile context, defining value isn’t necessarily about calculating return on investment or measuring profit margins.... Read More

    The Secrets of Effective Sprint Planning

    Do your Sprints appear to be successful but somehow the end result isn’t what you expected? The problem may be Sprint... Read More

    5 Reasons to Hire an Agile Coach

    In our articleHow to Pick the Right Agile Coach, we reviewed how to seek out and hire an Agile Coach. We also introduced why... Read More

    How to Incorporate Value into Agile Estimation

    This article builds on our ongoing series on estimation. Those previous articles have focused on techniques to estimate... Read More