In the video explore topics including:

  • What is a consultant and how does that differ from a coach?
  • Common challenges (Is it your transformation, or theirs? etc.) 
  • Winning strategies to succeed
  • Preparing the client for sustainability
  • Q&A – Don’t forget to bring your questions!

About the SPC Journey Series

The SPC Journey is a series of webinars and panel discussions, hosted by SPCT Phil Gardiner,  designed to help SPC’s and those they support on their journey to learn, grow, and succeed in implementing SAFe. Episodes include:

  1. SPC Journey: I’m an SPC, Now What?!?” with Harry Koehnerman, SAFe Fellow
  2. SPC Journey: From Theory to Practice” with Travis Moorer, SPCT Candidate
  3. SPC Journey: I’m an SPC and a Coach” with Rachele Maurer, SPC 

About Mike Robertson 

Michael Robertson is a Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and Principal Consultant at Applied Frameworks who leads large-scale client engagements. Prior to joining Applied Frameworks, Michael was an Agile Coach, Release Train Engineer, and mentor for a highly successful Lean-Agile transformation in a joint US Army and Air Force program.  Michael has a passion for helping teams build on the foundations of SAFe’s principles and values, enabling them to have long-term sustainable success.


About Charles Rapier

Charles Rapier is an experienced Life Sciences technologist and clinical operations executive with a demonstrated history of building, optimizing and catalyzing businesses through the use of technology, operational astuteness, a continuously evolving business acumen and a deep understanding of how to inspire others. Partnering with others, he helps companies achieve increased value and competitive advantages by providing 20+ years of commercial, operational and technological leadership to unlock any untapped potential within an organization.

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