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    Successful Scrum in the new age of remote working teams

    Corporate America vs. Work From Home At the beginning of summer, Fred Lambert, writing for electrek, broke the story... Read More

    What Lies Beneath: Symptoms of Ineffective Scrum Practices

    I am a fan of Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer, but I am NOT a fan of scary movies. In 2000, the pair starred in a film... Read More

    How I Used the Personal Retrospective to Become a Better Scrum Trainer

    I often tell students, “If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one part of Agile, I would take the... Read More

    Examples of Scrum Case Studies

    [Updated February 2024] Successful Scrum Implementations across various Industries In my Scrum training courses, students... Read More

    The Top 5 Signs of an Underperforming Scrum Team

    What does an underperforming Scrum team look like? For that matter, what does “underperforming” even mean? Some signs of... Read More

    Five Steps to Creating a Sprint Goal

    In my experience with Scrum teams, a well-articulated Sprint Goal means the difference between a loose collection of... Read More

    Why the Product Goal is NOT the Product Vision in Scrum

    To set the stage, let us begin with definitions of Product Goal and Product Vision: Product Vision: Long-term,... Read More

    Short Definition of Scrum

    I was inspired by tweet I saw highlighting Peter Stevens’ post discussing the essence of Scrum. Here is my description of... Read More

    Scrum Guide 2020: A Summary for Leaders

    Scrum Guide 2020 Update: An Impact Summary for Leaders A shorter, simplified, rewritten Scrum Guide arrives today. The... Read More

    Four Reasons to Invest in Advanced Scrum Training

    How long has it been since you took your Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course? If you... Read More

    Adapting Scrum: Know Your Limits

    My students often ask the question, “What can I change in Scrum?” I believe students ask about adapting Scrum because their... Read More

    How to Hire a Certified Scrum Trainer

    9 Tips for Choosing a Certified Scrum Trainer Though many aspects of the Scrum framework are uniform, Certified Scrum... Read More

    Oceans of Plastics - Scrum Gathering Austin Report

    At the 2019 Global Scrum Gathering Applied Frameworks introduced attendee to our Oceans of Plastics problem. The principle... Read More

    Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant Leadership

    “Scrum has been a big disappointment; a failed experiment that hasn’t delivered anywhere near the positive impact that... Read More

    Online Scrum Training - The Inspiration for our Programs

    Our Online Training programs will help protect your career from costly mistakes. I wish I had something like our programs... Read More