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    What Skills Does Your Agile Coach Need?

    This is the third in the ongoing series of articles focused on using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel to find, hire and... Read More

    Evaluating Candidates with the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel

    This analysis of the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel is the second article in an ongoing series that examines the Agile Coaching... Read More

    How to Pick the Right Agile Coach

    Author’s note: For purposes of this article on picking the right Agile Coach, we’re assuming you’re looking to adopt the... Read More

    Simple Coaching Techniques for the Agile Coach

    Coaching is a distinct and powerful skill from the eight other essential skills of an Agile Coach (CSP-SM). Because coaching... Read More

    The Eight Hats of an Agile Coach

    Back in 2012, I worked with a colleague to develop a new course for ScrumMasters (and other Agile change agents). Our goal... Read More

    Complete Your Agile Coaching Journey in a Group

    In the 1996, I attended the Amphibious Warfare School with about 300 other Marine officers to complete a one-year program to... Read More

    Agile Coach: Champion, Catalyst, Capacitor, Coach

    Champion: A person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else. Catalyst: A substance that increases the... Read More

    65 Tasks for an Agile Coach

    Agile Coaches (CSP-SM) are really busy people! There is no way one person can do all these activities on this list each week... Read More

    What Does an Agile Coach Do?

    “Yes… but what does an Agile Coach do all day?” If I had a quarter for ever time I was asked that question in Certified... Read More