For product roadmapping content, visit this blog post for templates and these pages for recordings of webinars, which expand on the concepts discussed in class.

Agile Roadmapping at Scale

Advanced Roadmapping at Scale

To view the roadmapping presentation shared in class, click here.

[For many other excellent webinars, click here.]

Listen to my podcast about Daily Scrum.

Click for the Prioritizing for Profit spreadsheet. Remember you decide all of the columns and weightings based on your situation and context.

Download the Release Planning activity worksheet if you want to try it again with other people.

Extracts from the book Innovation Games:

Buy A Feature

Prune the Product Tree

Product Box

or just buy the book...You won't regret it! (I buy copies directly from Pearson...I almost always find a promotion on their home page.)

I recently found the User Story Primer in my files and hope you find it valuable.

For information about Displaying Visual Information, see Edward Tufte’s website (and attend his exceptional one-day course if possible).

Other recommended books for Product Owners:

User Story Mapping

Value Proposition Design

Agile Estimating and Planning

Beyond Software Architecture

The Oz Principle

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

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