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    Certified Scrum Master Practice Exam

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    Why We Built a Certified Scrum Master Practice Test

    Frequently, participants in our Certified ScrumMaster courses ask us about the CSM Exam. In most cases, our answer has been, “You’ll do fine. This course will more than adequately prepare you to take the test.” However, our “don’t worry about it” answer has been increasingly less and less satisfying.

    What people want is the confidence that they are going to ace the official exam or identify areas where they need to improve BEFORE taking the official test. As a result, we created our own Applied Frameworks Certified Scrum Master Practice Test and are sharing it with the world.


    Here's How We Chose the Sample CSM Exam Questions

    We set out with the aim of designing a simulated Certified Scrum Master test that aligns with the most up-to-date Scrum Alliance learning objectives. This test was carefully crafted by Scrum experts who possess in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, ensuring a valuable and enriching learning experience for all test-takers.

    To ensure this would be a good use of your time limited time, we took time to carefully replicate the topics that were covered in the official test administered by the Scrum Alliance as well as the distribution of those topics and the number of attempts.

    We hope this will be a good learning experience for you and will provide you some insights to see if you are ready to take the official Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster exam.

    Note: This exam was updated in 2021 with the latest Scrum Alliance guidelines.

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