Roadmaps & Release Planning: Applied Frameworks Canvas

Great results come from more than great product development. You need a coordinated effort—from idea to revenue. There’s a lot of emphasis on making this department more efficient, or implementing a new method in that department. But the silo approach can only go so far. What you really need is a simple approach to optimize your product delivery every step of the way, from business planning to product creation to sales enablement. What’s the right ...
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November 16th, 2018|Product|

Why Relative Estimation Beats Planning Poker

Estimation is hard. Even the most experienced development teams miss the mark with traditional time-based estimates. The most popular alternative, Planning Poker®, sounds fun, but falls short in practice. In our experience, Relative Estimation is far more effective — and it can be gamified too.

January 20th, 2021|Process|

Yesterday’s Weather: Planning with Story Points

Yesterday's Weather is an Extreme Programming planning technique used to estimate the capacity of a Team based on their past performance. Yesterday's Weather is a guide to help Teams neither under commit nor overcommit to a set of Product Backlog items during Sprint Planning. It is based upon the old story about developing weather forecasting software; if you want to predict today's weather, all you need to do is repeat the forecast from the previous ...
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December 12th, 2016|Process|


FRAMEWORKS Frameworks for Agility Frameworks for Agile Leadership Frameworks for Agile Release Planning Frameworks for Agile Transformation Framework for Career Evolution Frameworks for Cost Cutting Frameworks for Large-Scale Retrospectives Frameworks for Product Owners Framework for Product Development Frameworks for Sprint Demos Frameworks for Virtual Meetings HOW TO... Agile Tutorials How to Choose the Right ...
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June 16th, 2020|

Certified Scrum Product Owner Online Edition

CERTIFIED SCRUM PRODUCT OWNER LIVE ONLINE If you want to learn Scrum from the comfort of your own home — and have fun along the way — this is the course for you. As the world's only provider of online, on-demand advanced Scrum Product Owner training, we've learned what it takes to be effective in a virtual training environment. In this Scrum Alliance®-approved course, we ...
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March 30th, 2020|

New Product Owner Resources

Congratulations on your completion of the Certified Scrum Product Owner course!  This page provides some of the new Product Owner resources discussed in class for your ongoing use on your Scrum journey. To get started, we recommend our recently updated Top 10 Tips for New Product Owners. Recommended books for Product Owners User Story Mapping Value Proposition Design Agile Estimating and Planning Beyond Software Architecture The Oz Principle The Inmates Are Running The Asylum Roadmapping ...
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December 5th, 2019|
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