Jason Tanner Scrum Certification

Jason Tanner, CEO & Co-Founder

Jason is the President and CEO of Applied Frameworks, a global management consulting firm. His passion is coaching people in organizations to develop products that customers love.

He mentors, teaches, facilitates and consults to identify and apply the optimal frameworks for given situations. Jason led multiple transformation engagements at Fortune 500 organizations leveraging Scrum@Scale and SAFe including the launch of multiple Agile Release Trains.

Jason and Carlton Nettleton developed and currently deliver advanced, online education through an on demand format supporting people overcoming the obstacles organizations encounter with changing approaches to work.

Jason’s experience spans product management and marketing, business planning, partner management, project management and leadership. He believes that his attraction to Agile is based on over nine years of service as a Marine infantry officer.

He received an engineering degree from Cornell and an MBA from Duke. Jason is a Certified Scrum Trainer®, Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer and and Certified Conteneo Collaboration Instructor. When he’s not working, he likes to exercise, read and learn new skills.

You can reach Jason by:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasontanner/
Twitter: @jasonbtanner
Email: jtanner@appliedframeworks.com

Certified Scrum Trainer
Applied Frameworks Path to CSP
Scrum@Scale Trainer