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Join us for the next episode in the SPC Journey Series: I’m an SPC, and I Head a LACE. SPCs work in a variety of areas, both internal and external. For example, they may serve as a consultant or a coach working as an external partner or be part of the internal enterprise at some point in the journey.

Here at Applied Frameworks, we believe that at some point, all enterprises that want to drive sustainable change using Scaled Agile Framework require at least one person on the inside to be that change agent, that knowledgeable person who can teach classes, work both with leaders on different levels as well as with teams. And in most cases, at larger enterprises, there ends up being somebody who leads that Lean-Agile Center of Excellence or LACE.

On Thursday, March 23, 2023, at 2:00 PM ET, Applied Frameworks SAFe Practice Lead Phil Gardiner and Vodafone’s Head of Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) and iSPCT Candidate Alena Keck will discuss just what this means. During the course of this 1-hour interactive webinar, they will explore several aspects of leading a LACE, including:


  • How to get the LACE started and how it evolves over time
  • How to keep Executives engaged
  • Tips and tricks for communication
  • How to ensure the LACE is pull-based and not push-based
  • What capabilities are needed in a LACE team
    • Where do you find change agents
    • What to look for in members of a LACE
  • How to grow and develop SPCs as part of LACE
  • Bring your questions for a live Q&A

About the SPC Journey series:

The SPC Journey is a series of webinars and panel discussions, hosted by SPCT Phil Gardiner, designed to help SPC’s and those they support on their journey to learn, grow, and succeed in implementing SAFe.

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Phil Gardiner, Applied Frameworks – SAFe Practice Lead

Phil Gardiner, SPCT, leads the SAFe Practice for Applied Frameworks, where he serves as an Executive Consultant, enabling enterprises to accelerate the delivery of products and services through Lean-Agile ways of working. Phil has a passion for deep, sustainable change, and this has led him to become a thought leader in the Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) space while also developing an outcome-based approach that meets his customers where they are while cultivating the capabilities of their leaders, changes agents, and SPCs. On his journey, Phil has worked with dozens of enterprises and agencies, from Fortune 10 corporations to the US Department of Defense.

Alena Keck, Head of the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence at Vodafone

Passionate about accelerating Digital Transformation with lean and agile principles at Scale, Alena Keck is the Head of the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, driving and enabling Vodafone’s journey towards more Business Agility. Previously she held different international positions in Europe and the US and helped large global organizations to overcome challenges on their agile transformation journey. Alena led lean-agile transformation in 5 locations in the US and Mexico for the Advanced Safety product line at Aptiv and was part of the Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence at Porsche, connecting transformation to the Digital Strategy and implementing Lean Portfolio Management.

Being a strong change agent, Alena thrives by creating strong transformation teams and growing Lean-Agile leaders who actively remove transformation roadblocks and drive the change.

Alena’s Motto is “Transformation is a Team Sport.”

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