Want Jedi-like leadership and success without a lightsaber? Or, do you simply wish you could persuade Stormtroopers that “These aren’t the droids they’re looking for”? Would you like the benefit of communicating 5x more effectively? 

Then take a look at this webinar workshop, where NLP Master Trainer Bernie Maloney will start from the premise that the effectiveness of Agile approaches are built on influence rather than authority. Bernie explores how using practices like co-location and standups can amplify influence, leveraging behavior patterns built into humans through biology and social condition. 

The workshop then unpacks some fundamental influence patterns and turns them into conscious tools for leadership. Watch Bernie use interactive and engaging exercises to increase the participants’ ability to influence by quickly establishing and building rapport via voice and physiology. You will also see how to break rapport (helpful when pulling discussions out of ratholes), as well as how to use these tools to lead teams and individuals — all while having fun.