Customer Interviews: Analyzing the Data

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She analyzes synergies, or synergizes analogies... or some such thing.—Edward Norton (as "Father Brian Finn"), Keeping the Faith. Alas, most of us have fairly rudimentary tools. Try to get some help from someone with data mining experience but let’s see what we can do without assistance. Nobody knows the data ...
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Examples of Scrum Case Studies

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With almost every Scrum class I offer, one or two students always seem to ask for Scrum case studies examples.  I have resisted their calls for case studies since to me a case study is mostly irrelevant to an individual's learning more about Scrum.  IMO, the best way to learn ...
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Writing Good User Stories

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User stories are tool that originated from Extreme Programming and have become the de facto way Agile teams document and collect their requirements.  There is a lot written on user stories (link, link, link), so I am just going to talk about what I consider important in writing good stories since I ...
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