In many ways, developing software products is easier than ever before. We have better tools, better methods, and better processes.

But for many organizations, developing the right products at the right time is still difficult. Knowing what products to build, what features to include and exclude, and making sure that the product the market wants is the product you built—these are today’s challenges.

Software companies around the world have embraced agile product development methods. Few teams question whether software should be developed using agile methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean and Kanban. Yet many software products still fall far short of financial expectations. Others are dead on arrival. Why? 

While the methods of software development have changed dramatically, software product management has not kept pace. Agile development methods can’t cure vague ideas about target customers, what they want, when they’ll need certain features, and how much they’ll pay. 

We can help. 

Applied Frameworks focuses on the best practices of product management. We help product managers raise their game to build the right products at the right time at the right price by providing product teams with the right information.

We can help empower your team with assessments, training workshops, coaching and mentoring, and consulting. Learn more about our approach.

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