Assessment + Baselining

Analyzing, observing, and listening to the organization with the goal of aligning leaders to shared set of business goals and a vision for Agility through an integrated Agile Acceleration roadmap


Educating practitioners, guiding team formation, and coaching teams and leaders to execute the Agile Acceleration roadmap.


Establishing structures for sustained growth and effectiveness of Agile practices including on-demand coaching and advanced education pathways for all roles.


Enabling efficient, effective, coordinated product delivery by multiple Agile teams with the optimal framework for each situation.


Developing internal coaching capability to enable self-sustaining Agile organizations.


Equipping people with a superior ability to guide groups to successful outcomes in various meetings and interactions.

Engineering Practices

Consulting and training to implement techniques, frameworks and tools to enable the highest quality product development.


Collaboration to create visible architectures for scalability, resiliency and adaptability.


Shortening and optimizing the development and deployment cycle through consulting and training.