Training Based on Practice, Not Theory

At Applied Frameworks, we have come to believe that most organizations need a small number of living documents to manage their products and services.  We believe in minimal process, brief artifacts, and simple templates and tools.  We focus on techniques that work in practice, not just in theory. We design our workshops to get your team on the same page with a common vocabulary and a ready-to-use set of tools.  We provide foundational knowledge to ...
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November 18th, 2019|Frameworks|

The Roman Voting Technique for Agile Teams

This is one of my all-time favorite techniques to quickly arrive at consensus for Agile Teams.  I use Roman Voting ALL the time because is fast, it is easy and it is fun.  I have even had people tell me that the Roman Voting technique was the most memorable and useful thing they have learned from my classes.  I would often explain that this technique was how the fate of gladiators was decided in Ancient Rome which ...
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November 23rd, 2017|Frameworks, Process|

Best Ways to Motivate Team Scrum Members

Stop doing things that demotivate people! Seriously...there are a lot of silly things that people are expected to endure in big companies that are severely demotivating. Almost all of Peopleware is spent identifying how common practices in software management demotivates people. If it is within your power to stop these demoralizing practices, do it. If you cannot, then find ways to subvert them so they do not impact the Team's motivation. Doing that is called ...
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March 6th, 2017|Process|
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