Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® (A-CSM)

ADVANCED CERTIFIED SCRUMMASTER (A‑CSM) On-demand access for 12 months Regular feedback and advice from our instructors 15 video lessons 13+ downloadable workbooks 12+ facilitation tools 50+ instructor-led coaching circles per year COURSE SUMMARY Our Advanced Certified ScrumMaster course — part of the first Scrum Alliance-approved online program for advanced Scrum training — was designed by the trainers who wrote the certification standard. This rigorous course was built for ScrumMasters looking to ...
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October 30th, 2019|

User Story Examples: Getting the Requirements Right

For Agile teams, the biggest area of friction for agile teams is agreement on what constitutes a story. Product managers and product owners try to write market requirements in the form of a story when many developers really want product specifications.It seems so simple. Product managers and product owner write user stories; developers break them into tasks and develop the feature. But the difficulty facing many agile teams today is what, exactly, is a user ...
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February 28th, 2013|Process, Product|

Portfolio Roadmap Example

Executives, sales people, and marketing leaders are often frustrated with the short-term focus in product management, particularly those using agile development methods. Leaders have no idea what is planned—if anything—beyond the next two-week sprint. And that’s why they ask for a roadmap. A portfolio roadmap has become the preferred way to show delivery plans over time. It’s not just a desired feature list by month; it’s bigger than that. It describes major blocks of work, ...
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January 4th, 2013|Product|


FRAMEWORKS Frameworks for Agility The Profit Engine Framework Frameworks for Agile Leadership Frameworks for Agile Release Planning Frameworks for Agile Transformation Framework for Career Evolution Frameworks for Cost Cutting Frameworks for Large-Scale Retrospectives Frameworks for Product Owners Framework for Product Development Frameworks for Sprint Demos Frameworks for Virtual Meetings HOW TO... Agile Tutorials How ...
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June 16th, 2020|

Certified ScrumMaster Online Edition

CERTIFIED SCRUMMASTER LIVE ONLINE If you want to learn Scrum from the comfort of your own home — and have fun along the way — this is the course for you. As the world's only provider of online, on-demand advanced ScrumMaster training, we've learned what it takes to be effective in a virtual training environment. In this Scrum Alliance®-approved course, we put you at the ...
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April 22nd, 2020|

Brooke Dever

Brooke Dever, Operations and Events Manager Brooke is responsible for organizing Applied Frameworks live training events, both online and in-person. Prior to joining Applied Frameworks, Brooke developed expertise in event management at auction software pioneer BidPal. Background & Credentials Brooke earned her undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina and is a Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster®.  ...
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September 24th, 2021|

SAFe Certification Courses

SAFe® Certification Courses Learn the Scaled Agile Framework® from experts with real-world experience To be successful with the Scaled Agile Framework, you need to know more than the theory — you need to know how to apply what you learn in the real world. That's why our teaching approach puts practical application at the center our methodology. And our instructors don't just know the curriculum — they've led SAFe transformations in ...
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August 30th, 2021|
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