Since 1996, the leaders at Applied Frameworks have been training, coaching, mentoring and consulting with executives responsible for the market success of software-enabled products and services.

Our clients include traditional software firms such as SAP, VeriSign, and Borland as well as organizations that develop products and services that depend on software such as Prime Therapeutics and Capital One.

We typically work with large and midsized firms – ones that often have multiple products or services, and numerous managers and other professionals who need to work as a unified team.

What Types of Managers Do We Work With?

We work with executives and managers who are crucial to the market success of software-enabled products and services. They come to Applied Frameworks because they know that excellent product management – not just agile software development methods – is now instrumental to the market uptake and growth of their products and services.

These executives and managers include:

  • Heads of product management
  • Product owners and product leaders, including corporate-level executives to whom product owners, leaders and managers report,
  • Heads of software development or engineering, who have embraced agile development approaches and who want the business side of the company to make the changes required to make agile development work,
  • Heads of marketing, sales and service executives who play key roles in determining target customers, pricing, support and core issues or product management.