We focus on techniques that work in practice, not just in theory.

At Applied Frameworks, we have come to believe that most organizations need a small number of living documents—ideally, fewer than 10—to manage their products and services. We believe in minimal process, brief artifacts, and simple templates and tools. We focus on techniques that work in practice, not just in theory.


We often begin our engagements with a “current state” assessment. Here we assess your people and processes, and identify the most effective ways to bring your team to a superior level. We will look at every stage of your software delivery process, from ideation to retirement. Based on our audit, we’ll make specific improvement recommendations for your product management, marketing, and development teams.

Training workshops

Our clients often lack formal training on product management and agile development. Your teams need foundational knowledge to create a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, and a documented set of tools and methods for delivering products to market. We design our workshops to get your team on the same page with a common vocabulary and a ready-to-use set of tools.

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Coaching and mentoring

Product teams often struggle to apply concepts to new situations, which is why we offer coaching and mentoring. With periodic checkpoints, we can guide you and your team on how to build strong product management skills for a world of agile development.


Sometimes you don’t need training for your team—you just need qualified professionals. We can provide software product management and agile development experts ready to excel on your software project.

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