Maximize Your Software Profits

Unlock a sustainable stream of profits

If your boss’s boss asked you this question – “How can we double profit from our existing portfolio of software investments in the next two years?” – how would you respond? Crafting a rational strategy to double profit in two years feels like an impossible challenge. But what if you had a framework that revealed the levers and dials in your business model that unlocked additional profit? What if you could learn how to maximize your software profits?

Increase profit through more effective pricing and licensing.

The Applied Frameworks Profit Stream™ Canvas is the only framework to expose the economic variables of your business model which enables you to rationalize pricing and licensing decisions. Embrace pricing decisions based on quantitative analysis of the value you provide to customers and leave behind reactive pricing decisions driven by competitive pressure (or worse…guessing).

Create a sustainable business that delivers a steady stream of profits.

The Profit Stream Canvas illustrates how the interactions between the solution, customers, suppliers, and regulatory agencies impact the solution economics. Equip yourself with the information to iteratively calibrate a business model that offers mutually beneficial outcomes to all parties.

The Profit Stream Canvas distills our unique perspective and experiences into an easy-to-explain model that enables you to focus on what matters most – promoting a sustainable business founded on a steady stream of PROFIT.

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Carlton Nettleton
Carlton Nettleton, SVP Product

Carlton leads Applied Frameworks’ product team, including its Online Academy for advanced Scrum training and its Product Management Accelerator. Carlton has been a Certified ScrumMaster® since 2005 and a Certified Scrum Trainer® since 2011. He holds a Masters in Geophysics from San Diego State and an undergraduate degree from Boston College.

Jason Tanner, CEO

Jason is a veteran product manager with deep expertise in Agile frameworks. In his 20+ year career, has trained thousands of Scrum students and led transformations at dozens of Fortune 500 companies. He holds an MBA from Duke and an engineering degree from Cornell. Before he started his career, Jason was an officer in the Marine Corps.

Luke Hohmann, CINO

Luke has been involved with Applied Frameworks since its founding in 2003. He later went on to start Conteneo, a collaboration software company which was acquired by Scaled Agile in 2019. He is the author of three books and cited as an inventor on more than a dozen patents. Luke is a highly sought after keynote speaker worldwide.

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Maximize Your Software Profits – Course Description

Maximize Your Software Profits is a two-day interactive workshop that introduces you to the details of the Applied Frameworks Profit Stream Canvas. In this workshop, your instructor will condense a bunch of dry theories about pricing, licensing, systems thinking and compliance into specific actions you can take to design a system that will yield a steady stream of profits to support the growth of a sustainable business.

The activities, tools, and techniques covered in this workshop will enable you to fund innovation, improve your portfolio management, quantify the “value” in your value streams, and demystify the process of how to define the price for a software-enabled solution. This workshop includes:

  • Two virtual classroom sessions of seven-hours each
  • Lots of collaboration time with your classmates
  • A preprint of the Software Profit Streams book written by Luke Hohmann and Jason Tanner and designed by Federico Gonzalez.
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Day #1

  • Opening and Logistics
  • Profit Stream Canvas Overview
  • Customer Value Analysis
  • Value Exchange Models
  • Solution Design Options
  • Customer and Solution ROI

Day #2

  • Review and Q&A
  • Pricing and Profit Engines
  • Customer License Agreements
  • Solution In-License Agreements
  • Compliance
  • Closing and Next Steps


What You Will Learn

Through interactive lectures, collaborative exercises, conversations with other learners and application of workshop content to your existing software-enabled solutions you will:

  • Discover how to set the price of a software-enabled solution with clear guidance on what research is needed, who to involve, and when to involve them.
  • Build financial models which demonstrate the long-term profitability of a software-enabled solution.
  • Design a system that produces a profitable and sustainable software-enabled solution.
  • Quantify the value your software-enabled solution provides for each of your targeted market segments.
  • Select a value exchange model which maximizes sustainable profits for your business.
  • Design out-licensing agreements to support sustainable relationships among customers, suppliers, and regulatory agencies.
  • Negotiate in-licensing agreements to align with architectural choices embedded within your software-enabled solutions.
  • Learn how to leverage existing portfolio investments to uncover additional profits.


What You Will Receive

  • A student workbook full of custom exercises, activities, and course summaries that capture the essential points you need to learn and comprehend.
  • Eight frameworks to uncover the needs of real customers that lead to actionable insights to support a sustainable and profitable business.
  • Two-year membership to the Applied Frameworks Software Profit Streams community, webinars, and other exclusive events.
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“The hands-on, interactive teaching style was perfect for me as a visual learner. So glad this was not two days of death by PowerPoint.”

Gloria J.

“The organization of the course was excellent. I really valued the pre-course readings and homework which allowed the live course to be dynamic and focused on solving cases rather than covering the finite details of the methodology.”

Ana Mara Q.

“The class felt very interactive despite not being co-located. The combination of the Miro board and Zoom breakout rooms helped a lot in creating an inclusive environment.”

Jemma B.