Joel Bancroft-Connors

Joel is a professional Gorilla talker, tackling tough issues no one wants to deal with that are killing our teams and organizations. He is dedicated to solving challenges associated with enterprise programs and projects. With over 20 years of experience managing or developing programs, he has learned that the most successful are those associated with lean and agile techniques as well as a strong focus on engagement and happiness. Having worked in roles across the product and development organization he understands challenges facing businesses trying to grow and scale. He helps these organizations navigate change while guiding teams to happiness. Joel came to Applied Frameworks already possessing a deep list of companies he has helped improve, including EMC, State of California, Stanford University, Visa, Hitachi GST, VMware, and AOL. 

Joel is passionate about making the world a better place and uses his coaching and facilitation as the vehicle for change. His personal motto is “Better people make for better teammates, better teams make for better projects, better projects make for better products, better products make for better companies. Better companies can and do change the world.”

Joel began his career in customer support roles, where he learned the core value of customer centric-products. He went on to be a practiced product manager, in the emerging field of voice recognition before moving into project/program management and then agile coaching. Before becoming an agile consultant Joel worked in such diverse industries as computer gaming, one of the first generation smart handheld devices, a cutting-edge voice recognition assistant, enterprise file system and backup technology, virtualization technology, and consumer and enterprise hard drives.

You can reach Joel in the following ways: