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Jeff has over twenty five years of product leadership experience with hardware and software companies and has been a vocal proponent of agile, lean, and collaborative frameworks to help product teams solve big problems in their market space. Jeff has always been a champion of adopting agile practices, regardless of the type of team or product. .

Jeff works with companies to help streamline product management, development, and marketing processes, and to help them build and market their products more effectively. Most recently at CCC Information Services Jeff acted as the "Chief Product Owner", managing the team of Product Owners in a large, very distributed scrum and kanban development organization.

Jeff believes that ultimately the most important thing to do for any product team is to LEARN from the market or customer as often as possible. A big proponent of Lean Startup, and generally all things Agile, Jeff enjoys building new innovation pipelines and driving intentional and ongoing research with customers and stakeholders to increase the validity of the plans and the value of the outcomes. Jeff coaches product teams through roadmapping, release planning, user story mapping, and ruthless backlog prioritization to make plans actionable and impactful. 

You can reach Jeff in the following ways: