"If you're able to listen to customers from their perspective, not everything they say will make sense. But you'll know more about what you have to do because of it."
—Peter van Stolk

One key to product success is to meet—and exceed—your customers’ expectations. But what role does the customer play in product innovation and definition?

Product managers and product owners are expected to represent the customer in their interactions with developers, sales people, marketers, and executives. Product management professionals use many methods to stay up-to-date on customers and their problems: interviews, focus groups, surveys, and phone discussions as well as conversations with colleagues and industry peers. The challenge is to convert all this information into action.

The toughest part of innovation is accurately predicting what customers want, need or will pay for. Even if you ask them, your customers probably can’t explain to you what they truly want. And the typical brainstorming sessions just don’t produce actionable results. That’s where Innovation Games comes to the rescue. Playing Innovation Games®—like Speed Boat, Prune the Product Tree, or Product Box—with your customers enables you to tap into your customers’ needs and desires through the magic of game play. The game mechanics—and fun factor—deliver clearer more accurate insight, ensuring that you deliver breakthrough products and services, faster and more efficiently.

Applied Frameworks teaches you how to leverage cost-effective research methods to integrate the customer into your product plans.

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