I highly recommend the 2nd Edition of Liftoff to start or relaunch teams successfully. Invaluable reference.

Listen to my podcast about Daily Scrum.

Check out Gil Broza's Daily Scrum Revitalizer for new techniques and tips to help your team create a plan for the day!

(and see my blog post to remedy low energy Daily Scrums that are focused on tools like VersionOne, Rally, Jira, TFS, etc.)

See Google's research to understand team effectiveness!

ScrumMaster Checklist!

For a review of the Innovation Game 20/20 Vision, click here.

Here is the list of links for retrospective activities:

Innovation Games

Tasty Cupcakes

Retrospective Wiki

Plans for Retrospectives

If you absolutely need to play Planning Poker with remote team members, click here.

Additional information about the Definition of Done and samples can be found here and here.

The course workbook includes a few ideas from the Core Protocols contained in Software for Your Head. Check it out here. You can download the whole book as a PDF for free.

The ScrumMaster is an agent of change in organizations. This is hard, really hard. While there are many models for organizational change such as Kotter and ADKAR, Switch from Chip and Dan Heath introduces a straightforward, powerful model for anyone to enable change when change is hard. I highly recommend it.

I constantly field questions about responsibility, team conflict resolution and what to do when things go wrong. Christopher Avery's book provides thoughtful guidance with exercises you can do and exercises for whole teams. I highly recommend it (and just about anything from Christopher).

I find The Oz Principle immensely valuable as a leader seeking individual and group accountability. I hope you do, too.

You may find Richard Lawrence's Story Splitting Cheat Sheet useful to help your Product Owner and Development Team to decompose product backlog items.

I recently found the User Story Primer in my files and hope you find it valuable.

In a recent class, we talked about cross-team dependencies preventing progress for one team waiting on another team. See how Spotify solves this problem and others.

I also recommend the Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making the Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility.

Tell me what's missing in the Contact Us box on the right and best wishes being a Great ScrumMaster!